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Refractors Volume I: Evoke (Paperback)

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A sudden outbreak of highly intelligent and exceptionally lethal monsters has plunged the Kingdom of Aruria into peril. The clandestine paramilitary organization — known to a select few as the International Guild of Investigators of the Supernatural — is all that stands between mankind's salvation and its violent extinction.

With the divine ability to impose their will on energy and matter, Serec, Sa'Sha, and NaRyn have the power to remake the fabric of spacetime. But when these teens find themselves at the center of this conflict, they must risk their freedom and their lives to unravel the mystery behind these creatures before their world descends into complete chaos.

The Brothers Epps take you on a journey through the world of Orbis — where heavenly beings and hellish foes struggle in the shadows for dominance. The first of the five-volume action-adventure series, Evoke is brimming with electrifying action, intriguing mystery, heartbreaking decisions, unexpected romance, and shattered expectations.

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