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About The Brothers

Milan Epps

Milan's background is as diverse as his interests. He'd like to think that contributes in some profound way to his abilities as a writer.


He started his creative writing journey back in elementary school. But it wasn't until middle school that he started to wonder if it could be anything more than a hobby. Roughly ten years later, in his final year of college, he started believing it actually could be.


His journey toward becoming a writer placed him on an eleven-year path of learning, researching, writing, revising, and editing his revisions until he could produce something he felt was polished enough to share with the world. That something is Refractors Volume I: Evoke.  


When he's not writing, he's exercising, animating, watching anime, reading, learning something new, or doing any number of other things that seem fun in the moment. 



Brandon Epps


Brandon Epps is a writer of Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction and an avid philosopher. When he's not questioning the nature of reality, he enjoys reading, writing, photography, gaming, anime, learning, traveling and spending time with his wife and two daughters. 

A U.S. Army veteran of 13 years, his travels have taken him from the icy mountaintops of Afghanistan to the sunny beaches of Hawaii (where he failed miserably at surfing). He's been described as both amiable and cynical, and his experiences in the military have shaped how he approaches storytelling and life. 

He is a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi across mediums, and his influences include Brandon Sanderson, Veronica Roth, Pierce Brown, George R.R. Martin, Neal Shusterman, Hajime Isayama, and Hideo Kojima. Brandon is an introvert who really likes people and loves connecting with other authors and readers.

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